Why you'll love working with us


Every successful project starts with clear defined requirements. In this initial phase our team of mobile experts will research your project and help you refine your vision for the app by suggesting an optimal development strategy suited for your needs.

We want to understand the market that the app addresses in order to be able to improve upon your ideas or even suggest you new features that you may not have considered.

Mockups & Design

Creating an app design is easy. Creating a functional app design on a pocket sized device which hooks the user instantly is an art.

Starting from the first mockups that indicate the general work flow of the app and not resting until the last corner of the app is polished pixel-perfect, our team of designers is dedicated to bring to life your vision of the app faithfully. We are perfectly able to integrate your own designs as well or work with your in-house design team.

Development & Testing

By using an agile software development process together with the latest Apple technologies and engineering best practices we are able to deliver fast and reliable software on time and on budget.

You will receive weekly updates about the status of your app development from your project manager, and every time the development reaches a new checkpoint we'll send you a testing version so you continuously monitor our progress.

We believe that in the long run a responsive, efficient, well tested and user friendly application is the best marketing you can do, and we develop apps that we are proud of.

Distribution & Maintenance

Your Project Manager will assist you through the entire App Store Review process, making sure that everything goes smoothly until you see your app live, but even then we are not done. We are here to assist you with future updates, adding new features, or re-engineering your app depending on the feedback that you get from users.

Your success is our success, and we are big believers in long term relationships.

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